NeoComp Ltda.

Other Company Name:NeoComp Ltda.
Company Directory:Chile
Company Profile:
We are offering computing services from 1984 and from 1998 we are offering webhosting services, VPS ( Virtual Private Servers ), DNS service, remote backups and domain registry.
We have 24+ years of experience in the computing area, computers from first PC's 8088 /86, Apple IIe, Mac's, oldest IBM mainframes, Digital DEC ... until multicore Xeon/Opteron; networks from Windows for Workgroups, Lantastic, Novell 2.2 ... until internet; programming languages from Basic, Pascal, C, Cobol, Fortran, Clipper ... until PHP + JavaScript; databases from dBase, FoxBase ... until MySQL; operating systems from CP/M, DOS, Windows 3.1 ... until CentOS.

Actually we are using only Dell and SuperMicro high performance servers, based in Dual Quad Xeon / Opteron ( 8 cores ), ECC RAM, multiple disks in RAID 10, daily backups, using multiple datacenters in USA ( Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Seattle, Los Angeles ) and UK ( London ), each datacenter with at least 4 redundant backbones with BGP4.
Servers are based in CentOS, Parallels/Virtuozzo and cPanel software.

Additionally we use 3 datacenters for external backups using nodes with multiple disks in RAID 6.
All our servers are being monitored with 2 external systems from 15 locations around the world each 10 minutes, in addition we develop our own system to monitor our servers each 15 seconds from 3 different locations.

Our DNS service include 5 distributed IP for each domain, and each IP is replicated around the world to provide a 100,00% uptime service.

We have an average uptime over 99,95% in last 3 years.

Spanish version

Estamos ofreciendo servicios de informatica desde 1984 y desde 1998 servicios de webhosting, VPS ( Servidores Privados Virtuales ), servicio de DNS, backups remotos y registro de dominios.
Tenemos mas de 24 anos de experiencia en el area de la computacion, computadores desde los primeros PC's 8088 /86, Apple IIe, Mac's, antiguos mainframes IBM, Digital DEC ... hasta multicore Xeon/Opteron; redes desde Windows for Workgroups, Lantastic, Novell 2.2 ... hasta internet; lenguajes de programacion desde Basic, Pascal, C, Cobol, Fortran, Clipper ... hasta PHP + JavaScript; bases de datos desde dBase, FoxBase ... hasta MySQL; sistemas operativos desde CP/M, DOS, Windows 3.1 ... hasta CentOS.

Actualmente estamos usando solo servidores de alto rendimiento Dell y SuperMicro, basados en Dual Quad Xeon / Opteron ( 8 cores ), ECC RAM, multiples discos en RAID 10, backups diarios, utilizamos multiples datacenters en USA ( Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Seattle, Los Angeles ) y UK ( London ), cada datacenter con al menos 4 conexiones redundantes usando BGP4.
Nuestros servidores estan basados en software CentOS, Parallels/Virtuozzo y cPanel.

Adicionalmente usamos 3 datacenters para backups externos usando nodos con multiples discos en RAID 6.
Todos nuestros servidores estan siendo monitoreados por 2 sistemas externos desde 15 lugares alrededor del mundo cada 10 minutos, adicionalmente desarrollamos nuestro propio sistema de monitoreo para chequear cada 15 segundos todos los servidores desde 3 lugares distintos.

Nuestro servicio de DNS incluye 5 IP's distribuidas para cada dominio y cada IP es a su vez replicada alrededor del mundo para proveer un servicio con un 100% de uptime.

Tenemos un uptime promedio superior a 99,95% en los ultimos 3 anos.
Marketing Product/Service:DNS Service,Remote Backups,VPS,hosting
Ownership Type:LLC (Ltd Liability Corp)
Year Established:1984  
Address:3 Norte 428-A,Vina del Mar,V Region,Chile Company Address GPS
Zip/Postal Code:n/a
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