• From our local agriculture, we develop products as rhum, punch and marmelade to provide tropical taste to whom desires it. We enforce us to manafacture the best quality products and develop new products from our tropical environment.
  • We are gift shop in paris since 16 years ago, we need to concept a new product for our company.We need help from you to make it and to find the suppliersThis product is a cushion personalised and it will be product in big quantity if this project could work.
  • Introduce our company as one of the leading trading company in reunion island. We deal with food product and also handicraft. We have our own sourcing office in most of Asian countries and we have a possibilty the mix certain product in 1 container.If you have an inquiry, please dont hesitate to contact us
  • We are very much strict for quality of the product. We imphasis on timely delivery of the goods. We take care of the customer requirement of any form-like chips plastiser base, pigmented chips- depending on the requriment. Keeping into mind the quality and production time we offer product which is cost effective. The base of the company is very strong. The company was established in 1980's. Peo...
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