Manufacturer Company Name:Efec
Company Directory:Romania
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Ideal for new and old houses, extensions, conversions and conservatories
Highly energy efficient and low heating costs
5 year guarantee, maintenance free and virtually unlimited durability
Simple and low cost installation on any wall with patented brackets
Healthy radiant heat creates a uniquely cosy type of warmth

"offering not only a uniquely elegant finish... These stunning marble panels are highly efficient. "

OUR client put it this way:
"heating in a healthy and eco-friendly way is very important to us and so the marble heating was our obvious choice.

Up to 90% of the irish energy demand is generated from foreign fossil fuels such as imported oil and gas. This is a permanent risk for our economy and society. Greater ecological awareness would not only help our ecosystem to survive but would also increase our safety and independence from unsecured supplies that are completely out of our control. Therefore we need to convert to renewable energy sources but this is only possible at affordable cost if we stop wasting energy and use more efficient products that suit our local climate and requirements.
It is unpractical and expensive to generate your own green energy to feed inefficient Central, storage or under floor heating.
The much more affordable and feasable alternative to create a more ecological household is to simply switch to a professional provider of electricity from renewables and use a highly effcient marble heating system. This is a future proof step towards practical sustainability as we'll always be using electricity - only the way we produce and use it will change.
Our stunning marble radiators save energy and costs, provide healthy radiant heat, are very easy to use, don't need a backup source of energy, offer a simple, quick and low cost installation, low running costs, practically unlimited durability and are absolutely maintenance free. No other heating product can match this unique combination of elegance, comfort and practicality.

Today we know that systems based on convection, I. E. Heated air can create problems for our health. Different temperature levels cause currents and not only rheumatism sufferers know the discomfort arising from sitting in a draught. While you get headaches from uncomfortably warm air at head height, your feet feel frozen and small children play on the floor in the cold. Convection currents permanently circulate dust, mites' droppings, bacteria and viruses through the air. Especially people suffering from allergies and asthma will be glad to know that there's a cleaner alternative.
Let the sunshine in!
Our marble heating system provides the same comfortable and healthy type of radiant heat we get from the sun, creating a uniquely cosy atmosphere.
By warming all surfaces directly it produces even temperatures throughout the room and so minimises convection currents and their negative effects. It also reduces dampness and condensation, giving dangerous mould and fungi no chance. We don't claim that our marble heating has healing powers but it has to be said that medical experts endorse radiant heat for its many advantages and use it worldwide to successfully treat various illnesses and to improve people's health - even to incubate babies
The cost chart shows an annual fuel costs comparison for a modern house with 100 sqm. Floor space insulated to average standards.
Burning wood, coal, oil or gas has an efficiency of only 20-75%, I. E. A lot of potential energy and your investment in fuel is wasted.
Marble radiators convert electricity into heat 100% efficiently and thermostats in each room ensure that energy is only used when and where it is needed.
Further savings are gained by:

Minimising convection which reduces heat loss through walls and windows
Minimising convection currents and draughts which have a cooling effect
Providing even room temperatures without wasted energy at ceiling level
Main Markets:Eastern Europe

Marketing Product/Service:Heater
No. of Total Employees:5 - 10 People
No. of QC Staff:5 - 10 People
Contract Manufacturing:OEM Service Offered  
Address:Str. Budislavu, Nr.4,Sibiu,Romania,Romania Company Address GPS
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