• 6IX FASHION EXPRESS is Hong kong on line shopping website mainly selling a Japan lable Fashion Acuta, Miracle Woman, leapLippin, Blanc de Blue..... Etc.We have woldwide delivery services. Welcome browse our website.
  • Amtekcenter offers private label Internet access provisioning, branding and marketing solutions aimed to enable companies in many vertical markets to transform Internet access services into a powerful marketing platform and maximize their market reach and visibility all while creating new revenue streams.We have leveraged our products and services to offer innovative, cost effective and reliabl...
  • Our company is located I mitcham surrey on 51 abbotts road. We stared operating in the year 1957. We started as a very small retail company with me my brother and very few friends,4 friends. We started distributing only in London. Just after 10 years we grew big and started businness nationwide.our engineers are based in Ghana where goods are tested before sale and exportation.
  • Our company is the number great of exporter mineral and ore.We can provide all of the kindes of mineral and ore such as:Barite, silice, chromite, iron, manganes,.. Granite, marbel, travertan, tuff
  • We are a trading company that has a history of trading with belarus, Canada, Iran, Russia and England. We have an office in Victoria b. CMinsk, belarus and tehran Iran. We are always ready to buy or sell with in the above listed countries. We have experience in trading wide range things and we think you will find our small business vary accommodating.
  • Company is doing business since 2004, we are currently doing international treading and locoal business, We R also the fashion jewellery supplier in North America. All product are made by real fresh water pearl and all italian desigend, welcome everyone who are interested.
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