• 845 electronics provides quality electronic products at reasonable prices to the middle to high end consumer. The main target market is the 20-40 year old demographic who enjoy quality entertainment experiences.
  • We are a small bussiness in Auckland, New Zealand specialising in the production of short films. We have been established since 2003 and have produced 4 short films so far, several winning awards in small film competitions. We hope to expand into feature films and larger production.
  • We are an on-line marketing specialist looking for products to enhance our current sales. We sell to about 350 new clients a month. Currently, the product we distribute is a laptop desk for automobiles so we have a built in clients with a need for related mobile office or laptop needs but we are interested in any unique automotive accessories that are easy to handle and ship.
  • We are high quality garment manufacturer located in Bangkok/Thailand.Low minimum quantity, OEMs are welcome, ODM also our special capability with our in-house italian designer, graphic persons and R&D team. We produce a lot of worldclass brand names which are from Italy, USA and others countries around the world.
  • 847 imports is a small business based near vancouver, BC, Canada. We specialize in importing products from China to meet the needs of our clientelle around North America. We have a history in communication and television, distributing satellite system throughout western Canada.
  • Have been in retail and manufacturing as well as distributing to under supplied markets worldwide for over 15 years. We will happily hunt down and find any products that you may require. Please feel free to contact us.
  • We are a well establish distributor and retail store front company. We currently distribute products within the united states and retail our products on-line. We hold fashion shows and lingerie parties as a marketing tool and have found a greater demand in the types of products we sell. We are also looking to produce more items and products with companies that are willing to conduct business pr...
  • 8drive INC, specializes in selling and installing car computers in the New York area. We cater to high end customers that expect the best.8drive is venturing out into new markets, we are currently designing our own hardware to meet the highest expectations.
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